Digital Security Certificates

Step 1) Verify your domain

In order to purchase a certificate for your domain, your application information must match the domain WHOIS information. To verify your WHOIS information now, type in your domain here, and click "WHOIS".

If this domain is registered with American Domain Registry and you would like to make any corrections now, you can do so at:

Step 2) Order your certificate

You can order the security certificate (and get the process started), here:
Note that you will not be billed at all for the certificate until one is successfully issued (once a certificate is issued, it is non-refundable).

Step 3) Proof of Organisation

In order to verify the identity presented in your server certificate, we require a copy of one of the following supporting documents:

- Articles of Incorporation
- Business License
- Doing Business As (DBA) registration papers
- Partnership documentation
- Sole Proprietorship documentation

Fax a copy of one of the documents listed above, along with appropriate credit card billing information to 1-604-533-0591. When you fax the information, please include your domain name on the fax cover letter.

If you do not have any of these documents - you can still apply for your certificate. Contact us at stating your business type. We will then contact you regarding the required documentation for your special circumstances.

Step 4) Generate your Certificate Signing Request

In order to generate the actual certificate, we need a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from your web server.
Your web hosting provider should be able to generate this for you. If they are unable to do so, or you need further assistance, please email .

Step 5) Confirmation and issuing of digital certificate

Once you have been given a CSR, please email it to . We will then verify the CSR, the information you have faxed us, the domain's WHOIS record, and any supplied credit card information, and if they are valid, we will then issue you your 128-bit digital certificate.
You will not be charged unless you are successfully issued the certificate.

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